streetwear a statement of self-expression

Considered as a combination of fashion and urban culture, streetwear is not only a trend but a movement that represents people who fully assume their identity and express it through an authentic style that clearly stands out from the rest. Used mostly by young people, this look is characterized by a relaxed and comfortable side, which over the years has become what we call a lifestyle, to wear it is to adopt it! Originally from the United States, streetwear is a mix of several cultures including hip-hop music, R&B, skateboarding, surfing, and graffiti, a different type of art whose purpose is to express creativity, and demonstrate who you are through what you wear and how it is worn.

Picture of two men and a woman wearing unisexe streetwear clothes, they have on black cargo pants, NBA lakers jersey, music tees, graphic hoodie, crewneck original from La jet society, come des salauds cap

Being yourself is about accepting who you are, the things you love and what you are passionate about, and if you embrace the streetwear look then it is a way for you to affirm your interests in your own way, which means being part of a movement that allows others to know your aspirations. The street style was created in the 80's and 90's to allow young people to express their cultures, lifestyles, vision and personalities by wearing authentic clothes with originality, characteristics that are an integral part of the foundation of this look and that have allowed it to evolve and even be popularized by big brands over the years. Rappers have been the main actors that have contributed to this popularization, today this way of dressing has taken an incredible expansion and that's the beauty of it. This lifestyle that is increasingly appealing allows people everywhere on the planet to affirm their choices with both authenticity and creativity. Anyone can dress in streetwear, it's an inclusive style that has no gender, you just have to feel good in what you have on, and it's a great way to express yourself. Streetwear clothing is often bold, comfy, practical, has infinite possibilities and has been a hallmark of self-expression since its early days. At La jet society we understood the message and we knew how to put it forward. Especially by offering a large choice of exclusive and high quality streetwear, we knew how to meet the expectations of our customers who have always been satisfied since the beginning. Also by collaborating with break dancers and urban artists we have been able to integrate the essence of urban fashion into our brand. That's why our customers love the shopping experience at our boutiques, whether it's buying our collection or the different brands we have available in store and online. 

Picture of a woman wearing La jet society unisexe clothes, a green oversized smile shirt a chocolate cargo pants and a brown beanie jet

Being yourself is the message we promote, we want everyone to be able to express their personalities, to do what they want whenever they want, and to be able to show the way they perceive the world through their styles, and their creativities.

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